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Careers Programme


Careers Leader:  Dr M Ryde
Email:   m.ryde@astleycooper.herts.sch.uk
Telephone:  01442 394141

Rational For Careers And Work Related Education And Information, Advice and Guidance

The Astley Cooper CWRE & IAG programme makes a major contribution to preparing students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. The programme supports and inspires young people to achieve their full potential, raising aspirations and empowering young people to plan and manage their own futures.

The availability of information to students, parents/carers and teachers is a key determinant of career choice which highlights the importance of providing comprehensive information on all options.

The programme is designed to promote equality, diversity, social mobility and challenge stereotypes. It should also support young people to sustain employability and achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives.


The Careers Programme is linked to the overall ‘School Development Plan’ for which there are measurable objectives. These will be scrutinised by the School Leadership Team. The programme will also adhere the government new ‘Careers Strategy and statutory guidance: Requirements and expectations for schools’ (January 2018).

Vision Statement

The Astley Cooper School is committed to preparing their students to manage their future education and career path throughout adult life through a planned programme of CWRE & IAG throughout their school career.
We are committed to maximise the benefits for students by using a whole school approach involving parents / carers, external IAG providers, employers and other local agencies. 
We recognises their statutory duties to secure independent, impartial face to face careers guidance for pupils in years 8 to 13 that includes information on the full range of education and training options, including apprenticeships and vocational pathways
The importance of providing young people with real-life contacts and experiences from the world of work is recognised by the school.
We will ensure that all students have equity of access to impartial careers advice and guidance from external sources.

Opportunities For Access

A number of events, integrated into the school careers programme, will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to pupils and/or their parents/carers:


Opportunity 1

Opportunity 2

Opportunity 3

Opportunity 4


‘Into to the Future’ – PSHE session run by YC. Thinking about what careers are .



Careers Fair – protected KS3 session


Inspiring Girls – Promoting Women’s roles in business.

Choosing subject options – for preferred career, selecting appropriate subject options. PSHE session run by YC.


Careers Fair – protected KS3 session


Aspire university visit

Choosing Occupational Group Sessions. YC session.


Careers Fair


Occupational Group Sessions. preparation sessions and/or One to one careers sessions with YC.

Inspiring Girls – Promoting Women’s roles in business.

Work Shadowing

Careers Fair


One to one careers sessions with YC.

Dacorum Careers Fair


Careers Fair and breakout sessions.


Work Based Learning – offered to all Y12/Y13

One to one careers sessions with YC.

Targeted company visits.

Careers Fair and breakout sessions.


Work Based Learning – offered to all Y12/Y13

One to one careers sessions with YC.

University/College visits

Careers Fair and breakout sessions.