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If you wish to contact the Chair of Governors please do so by writing to: The Chair of Governors, The Astley Cooper School, St Agnells Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 7HL or by e-mail to: clerktogovernors@astleycooper.herts.sch.uk


Elected Parent Governors

Mr M Bagley
Mr J Gulmohamed, Vice Chair
Mrs J Moore
Mrs S Ofori-Darko

Co-opted Governors

Mrs A Catterall
Mr O Cochran, Chair
Mrs C Howard
Mr R Tucker
Rev A Janes

Governors Appointed by the Authority

Mrs K Halker


Mr E Gaynor

Elected Staff Governor

Mrs E Hodges

Foundation Governors

Mr S Martin
Mr G Cunningham

Associate Governors

Mrs M Parish
Mr M Stevens

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs R Carl

A list of Governor's details, pecuniary interests and meeting attendance can be downloaded here.

  1. Governor Meeting Attendance Spring16
  2. Governor Meeting Attendance Autumn15
  3. Governor Meeting Attendance Summer 16
  4. Governor information table