Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour. Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of psychological research; the ability to apply this knowledge to real life situations; critically analyse and evaluate the value of psychological research and its credibility as an explanation of human behaviour.

The course is studied at A Level, and will appeal to students who are curious about people and are interested in exploring the reasons for their behaviour.  Psychology students need to be open minded and willing to accept that there are no ‘right or wrong’ answers.  Psychology is taught as a science focusing on research that can be applied to issues we see in everyday life, such as aggression, obedience and gambling.

The AQA GCE Psychology syllabus is taught by experienced teachers who have worked within different areas of Psychology.

Life in Modern Britain

Psychology lends itself to the fundamental British values of mutual respect and acceptance of those with different faiths and beliefs by its mere teaching of the behaviour of the individual.  Psychology students are taught that there is no right or wrong and that no judgments should be made about human behaviour. 

Psychology Teacher, Mr M Stevens