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Science is taught by a team of dedicated, enthusiastic and well-qualified teachers. Expectations are high and excellent standards are rigorously applied. Teaching staff are supported by experienced technical staff.

The Science Department is well-resourced, with six teaching laboratories and four preparation rooms.

 Key Stage 3 Science

The Science Department has introduced a new scheme of work at Key Stage 3 to prepare students for Key Stage 4. Students are taught the key facts early on.  Application, analysis and evaluation of information are skills that are reinforced constantly throughout this Key Stage.

Key Stage 4 Science

At Key Stage 4 students follow one of two courses:

  1. AQA Single Science
  2. AQA Trilogy Combined Science

Students who take Trilogy Science will receive two GCSEs. Students who opt for Single Science will receive three GCSEs.

Students at Key Stage 4 are expected to make rapid progress towards their target grades.

Post 16 Science

The Astley Cooper School offers A Levels in Biology (OCR), Chemistry (OCR) and Physics (OCR).

Subject Leader, Mr R Baker