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Key Stage 3 New Timetable

As we begin a new term, we are moving to a new timetable for Key Stage 3 from Monday 27 April.
We understand that it is difficult for students to complete learning at home to the same level as in a classroom with support from their teacher. The following steps will be taken when setting work to support their learning:
  1. Work for all subjects will be uploaded at the beginning of each week
  2. Each task set will provide clear instructions regarding how long students should spend on the task, a deadline for completion and an explanation of how the completed work should be shared with their teacher
We have some subjects where there is one teacher responsible for all Key Stage 3 classes. These subjects will continue to upload work in the 'Independent Study' classrooms. This includes Dance, Drama, Spanish, Food and DT.
For all other subjects, tasks will be uploaded to the subject classrooms by the class teacher.
Year 10 and Year 12 will continue to work to their original school timetable.
A transition classroom has been set up for Year 11 students who will be returning to our Sixth Form in September. It contains pre A Level work for all subjects.
I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented situation. Please continue to contact form tutors and subject teachers with any questions you may have.

Joanne Rourke
Assistant Headteacher