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Business Studies

Business Studies is a subject which all students can benefit from, allowing them to learn the foundations of a business and apply business tools and techniques to real-life examples. The department currently runs a course for GCSE students as well as a level 3 national extended certificate for sixth form students. The Business Studies department works hard to ensure students are taught according to the curriculum as well as lessons which prepares students for life after school. Our teachers in the department have extensive experience in starting, running and growing real-life businesses which adds valuable content to lessons.

Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Enterprise

The Enterprise level 1/2 course is a course which give students the foundations in business studies, allowing them to investigate a business and how they operate as well as starting their own business and learning how to manage finances. The course specification can be found here which details everything students will learn as well as their assessments.

This course takes students through three components:

Component 1: Exploring enterprises

This component is the foundation of the course and allows students to pick any local business in Hemel Hempstead to investigate. They will look at how the business has been structured as well as how the owners run their business. This component will each students how to conduct and analyse research in order to find out how the business is being run. 

Component 2: Planning for an pitching an enterprise activity

This component will allow students to get creative and research three business ideas that they could possibly start. Once they have conducted their research they will go on to picking a final idea and creating a business plan for their own business. Students will be in the driving seat and make all important decisions that a CEO would make, as well as be responsible for and tackle any challenges that might come their way. Once they have published their business plan they will enter a Dragons Den competition where they will be required to create and present a pitch in order to gain investment for their business. This task will act as a great lesson in increasing confidence and try public speaking to prepare them for life after school.

Component 3: Promotion and finance for enterprises

This component will equip students with essential knowledge and skills which are used in the financial management of a business. Every business’  existence and growth is dependent on their finances and this component will teach students what to do and how to do it when it comes to financial management. This component will also teach students how businesses promote themselves and their product in order to attract customers and keep them. Students will learn about a range of promotional techniques as well as past examples.

Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Business

The Business BTEC Level 3 course gives students a detailed understanding of the business world in a number of aspects. Students learn the core features which make up a business, financial management, recruitment and marketing. The course specification can be found here which details everything students will learn as well as their assessments.

This course takes students through four units:

Unit 1: Exploring business - Internally assessed

Unit 1 is the foundation of the whole course. Students investigate, analyse and evaluate two different businesses of their choice while looking at how they operate to work towards their success. Students will research these businesses in-depth and discover their road to success.

Unit 2: Developing a marketing campaign - Externally assessed

This unit will teach students how a marketing campaign is developed which includes how to price a product, advertise it and sell it. This unit is for the creative mind and get students to think about how different companies can promote themselves and their products.

Unit 3: Personal and business finance - Externally assessed

The personal finance topic is one of the most important topics students will learn which teaches students how to manage their money and what to be aware of. Students will also learn how a business manages their money effectively to ensure that the financial running of a business operates smoothly.

Unit 8: Recruitment and selection - Internally assessed

The final unit is highly beneficial for students for once they leave the sixth form as they will act as an interviewer and an interviewee. Students will create job advertisements and create the relevant paperwork that a typical business would have to create to fill a job role. They will also take part in interviews and reflect on how to improve their interview skills.