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Geography is a subject that is relevant today and in the future.  It addresses issues as diverse as climate change, world population, living sustainably and the future of urban development.  It teaches students to think outside the box to analyse, investigate and apply rigour to problems. It sits between the sciences and the arts and gives students a broad perspective on the world and the problems it faces.  It is looked on well by institutions of further and higher education, as well as employers. Students who study Geography generally increase their life opportunities. Geographers go on into many career paths from town planning to engineering; from transport to medical research.  It is a challenging subject. It asks students to think independently and to come up with ideas, as well as understand some complex interactions in the physical and human world. For those students who choose to study it, and work hard, it is very rewarding.

We have a committed team of friendly and supportive staff in Geography who work very hard to support students in achieving their very best.  We set high standards and expectations and we expect the same from our students.  Our examination results have steadily improved over the past few years and it is a continually popular option subject at KS4. 


Here at Astley Cooper, we strive to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to reach their full potential.  We regularly run field trips for students at all Key Stages and currently run successful trips to a local field studies centre in Amersham in order to support students in carrying out their own geographical investigations and enquiries. 

The Astley Cooper School is pleased to offer Geography as a core component at KS3 and an option choice from GCSE to A level.


Subject Leader of Humanities, Mrs R Waters