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We would like to provide information and news for students and their parents, guardians and carers, as well as introducing some of our new initiatives and ideas.

Word of the Week

Every Monday students are introduced to the ‘Word of the Week’ which is displayed in every classroom and students are encouraged to make a note of this in their planner. All staff and students are expected to know this and use it in lessons where possible.

Transferable Literacy Skills

All Year 11 students (until they have taken their exams) take part in a weekly session called ‘Transferable Literacy Skills’ during form time when they are given activities to support their development of reading and writing across the curriculum. This is to help them improve the skills needed for the English Language exam.

Reading Books

All students are expected to have a reading book with them at all times as part of their school equipment. Students in KS3, are supported with their reading through Accelerated Reader in their English lessons.

Private Reading

All students are provided with ten minutes reading time each day to develop their reading skills and promote a love of reading.

Literacy Leader Scheme

New for this year we are starting the ‘Literacy Leader Scheme’. All students in KS3 can take part by producing fun literacy resources to use in the classroom. They can earn a series of certificates (bronze, silver and gold) and prizes for delivering them as part of a lesson.

Marking for Literacy 

All staff use the marking for literacy symbols when marking work to help students improve their spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, expression, paragraphing, use of capital letters and presentation.


Each year we run a range of competitions. This year’s literacy focus has been reading and therefore competitions have included book reviews, library competitions and this year we have participated in the Global ‘200 Million Minutes Reading Challenge’.  As part of ‘World Book Day’ this year, students completed literacy based lesson in their English lesson time and staff have also participated in completing book reviews on their favourite childhood book which have been displayed in the school library.

Morning Reading Group

Selected pupils are chosen to read in the LRC every morning during tutor time. Members of Sixth Form and Y10 students volunteer their time to help students with their reading to enhance their learning and identify any problems that might otherwise have been overlooked.

‘I am very pleased and excited that Astley Cooper has decided to renew its commitment to literacy. Literacy is so important and the Governing Body recognise that success in all subjects depends on the foundation of good literacy skills.

New Literacy Resources

The staff at Astley Cooper are clear in their belief that each student should be a literate student and have the confidence and abilities to tackle their work with a complete set of literacy skills.

I hope that parents, guardians and the students themselves will keep checking this site and talking with their teachers to find out what more they can do to keep improving literacy skills.

With everyone backing this literacy drive, I believe we can set new records for school and individual examination success.’

Try these to help you write even better:

ACS Writes Well

ACS Writes for a Purpose

ACS Writes with Connectives

Words instead of Said

Tips to Improve Writing

Suggestions to make you an even better reader:

KS3 Recommended Reading List

KS5 Reading List

GCSE Wider Reading List

How you can help at home:

Spelling Strategies to try at Home

100 Difficult Words to Spell

Whole School Literacy Guide
Everyone has been given one of these and they are used in all lessons, please have a look and discuss with your child.  This booklet will be really useful for homework and independent learning. is full of activities and tips to help with literacy. Much of it could be done at home and the site is interactive and designed to inspire young people. If you want more punctuation and grammar help then this is the site for you.

If you want a topic to try and give all this literacy information a really fun focus then take a look at  It is free and allows you to create a comic to a professional standard or simply have some good old fashioned fun.