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Rewards and Sanctions

  House System

  Every student will join one of the six Houses:

  • Shakespeare
  • Hawking
  • Curie
  • Parks
  • King
  • Nightingale

There will be a wide variety of House competitions and events throughout the year to encourage friendly competition. The winning House will receive a trophy and the end of the school year. It is expected that ALL students represent their House whenever possible.

All forms will be in one house and the Form Tutor will be part of the House.  In addition, another staff member is Head of House. Students will not necessarily be in the same House as an older sibling.


Students will be awarded House Points for any positive contribution they make to school life. This could be:

  • Effort and achievement in classwork / homework
  • Academic progress
  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Good conduct / behaviour
  • Representing your House
  • Winning House competitions

House Points will be reviewed each week during form time.  Parents, carers and students can stay up to date with house points by downloading the ‘Go 4 Schools’ app. Students will have an individual House Point total which will contribute to the overall total for their House.

There will be a celebration assembly at the end of each half term to recognise and reward success. There will also be a termly rewards raffle for students who have received a ‘green ticket’ from a member of SLT.  Green tickets are given for good work observed during lesson drop ins.

Students who consistently do the right thing will be acknowledged by being invited for hot chocolate and biscuits with the Head Teacher and being offered the opportunity to attend rewards trips.

Sanctions - Making the Right Choice 

Our aim is for all students and teachers to have a positive working relationship, which allows good academic progress to take place.  When things go wrong, we expect students to engage in a restorative conversation to maintain or rebuild this relationship.

When inappropriate behaviour occurs, staff record this on Go 4 Schools. House Points are removed from a student’s total in this case.

  • To be effective, sanctions must be applied in a clear, calm and consistent manner.  Sanctions are not about punishment or controlling behaviour but about providing our students with an opportunity to manage their own behaviour, through recognition of where their behaviour fits on an escalating scale  
  • While expectations of students and staff will usually promote a positive learning environment, there will be occasions where students make the wrong choices.  In these cases, staff will apply our behaviour system, which will be applied consistently throughout the school.  It is hoped that this will enable the student to manage their behaviour through being able to recognise the stages their behaviour reflects
  • Where a student receives a sanction due to difficult behaviour, they will be sent to the department exit room.  If any dangerous behaviour occurs, on call will be sent for
  • Where a student persistently fails to make the right choices and/or displays difficult or dangerous behaviour, they may be withdrawn from lessons for a period of time

Our aim is for us to work together to support students.  As part of our commitment to being an effective school, we have a responsibility to work in partnership with our parents and students.  Parental support and understanding with how we address issues is important.


A break detention is for 10 minutes and this can be held at break, lunch or after school. Parents/carers do not need to be contacted. 

If an after school detention is issued the member of staff will make a phone call home to parents/carers informing them about the detention when it will be set and for how long.