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Rewards and Sanctions

We aim to promote high standards of behaviour because we believe that good behaviour promotes an effective learning environment.  The recognition and celebration of achievement of all kinds is central to our school ethos.

When you do something well your teachers will acknowledge it in different ways such as – words of praise, good comments in books, mention in assemblies, awarding certificates or trophies and contacting parents.

 Merits are awarded for:

  • Effort and achievement in classwork
  • Effort and achievement in homework
  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Good conduct
  • Academic progress
  • Contribution to wider school activities (ie sports / drama / arts)
  • Students will receive certificates at various levels
  • Bronze (100 Merits)
  • Silver (200 Merits)
  • Gold (500 Merits)
  • Platinum (1000 Merits)

At the end of each term, merits will be exchanged for raffle tickets and entered into a prize draw.

Behaviour Management


Where  students behaviour falls below what is expected, we operate a consequences system:

 Informal warning

  • C1 –  5 minutes discussion with staff member
  • C2 -  10 minutes discussion with staff member
  • C3 – Restorative conversation to identify problem and agree solution
  • C3 – one hour detention
  • C3b – One hour 30 minute Senior Leaders detention