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School Rules

  • A high standard of behaviour and consideration for other people is expected both in and out of school.  Our Code of Conduct and ‘Behaviour for Learning’ Code set out the basic code of behaviour
  • Students must conform to regulations concerning school uniform while at school and whilst travelling to and from school
  • Students are expected to act with courtesy and consideration for others when in the street or on public transport
  • Students are responsible for the care and safety of their personal property.  All items brought to school must be clearly marked with the owner’s name.  Although the school will help to search for lost property, we cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of any items
  • Money must always be kept on the person.  On no account should it be left in unattended bags, coat pockets or lockers
  • Mobile phones must be switched off at all times
  • Students who have parental permission to leave the school premises during the day (e.g. for medical or dental appointments) must sign out with the Attendance Administrator and should sign the book again on their return
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the school site or in the immediate vicinity of the school premises.  Students must not bring cigarettes, matches or lighters to school. Students in uniform must not be seen smoking in public
  • Students must not bring to school any object or substance which might cause harm to themselves or other members of the school community
  • Students are not allowed on the school site during evenings and weekends unless they are attending an extra-curricular activity supervised by a member of staff

When parents accept a place at The Astley Cooper School for their child, they also accept the school’s rules, procedures, uniform and, when necessary, sanctions.  We hope that all parents will wish to co-operate with us to maintain high standards of behaviour and consideration for others.