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Induction Programme & Transition Work

Making the change from GCSE to A-Level is a challenge. In particular the amount of independent study required for each course is a new demand. To give students the best chance of making this transition successfully, we are holding our induction programme over two weeks. All students are required to be in school on Monday 3 July for their induction into the sixth form, after this they only attend the subjects they wish to study.

There is also transition tasks for each subject which will be marked and assessed. Failure to hand these tasks in may result in students not being able to study that subject.

During our induction programme, subject teachers will go through the summer transition tasks, all work will be put on Google Classroom for internal students. External students will receive a transition work pack. We expect students to have completed the tasks for all subjects they wish to study and hand this in to their subject teacher in September 2023. Should students change subjects in September they will still be required to complete a bridging task before the deadline.

Please find below the timetable for our induction programme as well as each subject's transition work.