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Pay online...for peace of mind - Parents are able to pay securely online for school meals, uniform, trips and other items.




Spellzone is a fun, easy way to learn and teach English spelling. Spellzone is written mainly with older students in mind: teenagers and adults.  It's the new course that all Yr7-10 have been signed up for weekly spelling.

We all know that reading transports curious minds to wondrous realms of the imagination. Reading determines success not only in the classroom, but in life. Highly popular and successful for over 25 years, Accelerated Reader (AR) is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice, and we are very proud to welcome it to The Astley Cooper School.

After their initial testing every student in Year 7, 8 and 9 will be given a reading range within the whole range of 1.0 - 7.0+. (A typical range for a Year 7 student would be 4.1-6.8) Students will then be able to read any of the 3,000 fiction books or 400+ non-fiction books (This number is expanding all the time as they add more and more quizzes) we currently have on AR in the library within their range.

GCSEPod is a unique service, designed to tap into the learning potential of smart phones and handheld devices through a combination of clever technology and award-winning content, to ensure equality of access, high usage and the best possible impact on GCSE results. 

You can access GCSEPod content via the link to the left or on our GCSEPod app.  Each podcast provides you with relevant, easy-to-digest information in a tiny file format, meaning that you can add learning content onto your mobile devices while still leaving room for your own media.

Click here to view our local Link Family Services website for family support and groups. 

Click here to view the latest government helpful guidelines on keeping your child safe online.

Click here to view recommended websites on the Herts County Council Grid website.



Click on the booklet below to see the services provided by the Ollie Foundation.

The OLLIE Foundation (One Life Lost is Enough) is a registered charity funding suicide intervention skills training for adults working with young people. This training enables professionals to identify warning signs and provide a pathway to help combat suicidal thoughts.

'How to catch a bus guide’, top tips for bus safety and a network map which shows our bus services in the local area.  For full details please click on the link