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Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning Activities

The programme aims to provide long term, high-quality work experience preparing students for the world of work. The one-year course is aimed at Post 16 students as an alternative to A-levels.

Students spend September in school in order to get work-ready. This includes a number of work-shops run by local businesses training students on skills they see as essential in the work place

The students then begin their work experience placements for three days a week. The remaining two days are spent in school studying towards BTEC qualifications in Life Skills, which employers demand and students will benefit from throughout their career.

Many apprenticeships demand a GCSE pass in maths and English. Students can continue their studies in these subjects which will boost their career chances, as well as improving their long-term prospects and future earning potential.

By choosing our Pre-Apprenticeship Programme students will benefit from support provided to help them exceed their academic potential and become a sought after future employee.

How is the course assessed?

All students complete three BTEC courses equivalent to three GCSE’s in the following programmes:

  1. BTEC Level 2 Personal and Social Development
  2. BTEC Level 2 Planning and Participating in Work Experience
  3. BTEC Level 2 Workskills

Students will also continue to study GCSE English and Maths if they have not achieved a level 4.